The benefit list is endless! Here are my top 5:

Kara’s Top 5 Reasons Your Kids Need Yoga

1. Stress Relief


The pressure to fit in, earn straight A’s, and make a goal is a lot to handle for a modern day 6-year-old. How can your child cope with the stress? That’s right, YOGA! Yoga teaches children to just breathe when they are in a potentially stressful or uncomfortable situation.

2. Concentration


Focusing on a still object while balancing on one foot in tree pose is not an easy task for anyone. Yoga will improve your child’s concentration and teach them how to focus and sit still. 

3. Physical Health

Kid doing fitness exercises

Don’t forget…Yoga is also a physical activity! It’s another way to prevent obesity, improve physical strength and flexibility, improve coordination, and enhance body awareness.

4. Overall Well-Being


In addition to yoga’s physical benefits, a regular yoga practice can result in a child’s more positive attitude. They seem happier and healthier and show improvements in social skills.

5. Self-Expression


Yoga class is a supportive environment that encourages children to accept and express their emotions. It is a place where kids can be themselves and have fun!


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