The purpose of this patch is to learn about yoga and its health and well-being benefits. Yoga can enhance concentration levels and teach you how to relax in difficult situations.

S1524            All Girl Scouts should complete requirements 1, 4, 5, and 9.

  • Daisy: Complete one additional requirement of their choice.
  • Brownie: Complete two additional requirements of their choice.
  • Junior Girl Scouts: Complete three additional requirements of their choice.
  • Girl Scouts 11-14: Complete four additional requirements of their choice.
  1. Attend a yoga class!

Learn how to relax and breathe while having fun!


  1. Practice yoga at home.

While in class, learn three yoga poses and practice these three poses every day for one week. Note how these poses make you feel.


  1. Share.

After practicing the poses, share what you have learned by teaching one yoga pose to a friend!


  1. Tell the truth.

One of the ethical values yoga teaches is truthfulness. Try only telling the truth for one week and note how it feels.


  1. Focus on non-harming.

One of the ethical values yoga teaches is non-harming. Try not to physically or verbally harm any person or animal for one week. Focus on positive words towards others.


  1. Try a stillness exercise.

Yoga teaches us to be still. Try to find a quiet spot, sit and close your eyes every day for one week. Focus on your breathing for just one minute the first time. Try to sit longer each time you practice stillness.


  1. Drink water.

Water is so important to our health and well-being! Substitute water for sugared drinks for one week. Notice any change in energy.


  1. Laugh out loud. Literally!

You always hear that laughing is the best medicine. It’s true! Try laughing every day for one week. If you can’t find something to laugh about, laugh at yourself!


  1. Do a good deed.

Do something for someone else. It can be anyone as long as it makes the other person happy.


  1. Do something for the environment.

Clean up trash at a park or school. Fill at least one bag of trash.


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