Private & Group Classes

Kara offers private and group yoga classes to families in the San Diego area. Classes are personalized to meet your family’s needs!

Private Kids Class

A personal yoga journey for one or more students of any age, private classes can be designed to meet your child’s needs, whether that means developing a greater ability to focus or just having fun and relieving stress. Private classes are also available for children with special needs.

Private Family Class

Yoga is a great way for a family to bond! Your children will love helping practicing yoga with you! Family classes include yoga poses that are accessible to everyone and also emphasize group and partner poses.

Private Parent and Child Class

Work one on one with your child of any age (infants to teens) in a class designed to meet the needs of both parent and child, while strengthening the bond between them. These classes are deeply nurturing and relaxing for both participants, as well as being a lot of fun.

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Kids Yoga with Kara is based in San Diego and provides kids and family classes.

Tel: (847) 275-9267

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