Frozen & Princess Yoga: Taught By KIDS For KIDS

One little yogi decided to come up with her own Frozen-themed yoga poses! E-mail with your own ideas! Princess Pose: A creative yoga pose: Start in tree pose and place your arms out to the side like a princess! Elsa Pose: A creative yoga pose: Bend your front knee and lift

Let’s be still!

So just for a moment…let’s be still!   This week we will focus on stillness. With the holidays, electronics, and our “hurry up” culture, we sometimes forget how to be still and present. I challenged my little yogis to find a quiet place and be still for 1 minute every da

Exciting News!

I am happy to announce that Kids Yoga with Kara is officially starting a yoga program at Sage Canyon Elementary school in the Spring. As a huge fan of the Del Mar Union School District, I am very excited to join the community! Here’s a sneak peak of the class: Yoga & Mindfulness: De-stress

Tree Pose-Taught By KIDS For KIDS

Kids are the best teachers! I’ve noticed the little helpers in class have the best way of teaching their peers! These little yogis decided to teach their favorite yoga pose, tree. Here’s the first yoga lesson By KIDS For KIDS: End result=Cutest BFF Trees!

Muirlands Middle School

Kids Yoga with Kara had a wonderful time at the Muirlands Middle School Sign Up/Orientation Day! Class sign-ups are still available for yoga at Muirlands! Classes meet weekly on Wednesdays from 2:20PM-3:30PM in the Fit Lab (except on half days)! E-mail Kara at or check out

What’s New with Kids Yoga with Kara?

Check us out on Facebook or join our e-mail list for up-to-date news, tips, and upcoming events! Kids Yoga with Kara is currently preparing for the new school year! This summer flew by and I can’t wait to continue to spread yoga with kids an

Sun Salutations for Kids

Sun Salutations are a great way to start the day! They can help kids feel energized and stress-free. Kid-Friendly Sun Salutation Tips: 1. Add Energizing Music I recommend “Dance for the Sun” by Kira Willey for kids under 6 and “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons for ol