About Kara

Kara is a Children’s Yoga Instructor who started yoga shortly after moving from Chicago to San Diego. After graduating from college, Kara found yoga to be a great stress reliever and peaceful escape from the post-undergrad job search. Through teaching toddlers at a local preschool, teaching yoga to her little sister, and earning her MBA, Kara finally realized her true passion…teaching yoga to kids and families. Kara’s teaching style incorporates fun, relaxation, and play in a peaceful environment. Her intention is to encourage children of all ages to be happy, healthy, and expressive!.

Mission Statement

Kids Yoga with Kara’s mission is to spread the joy and benefits of yoga with kids in a noncompetitive and inclusive environment. The goal of each session is to teach children how to calm, to provide an introduction to breathing techniques, and to provide practical ways to utilize yoga in real life.


1. Promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

2. Promote physical and emotional health.

3. Encourage self awareness and focus.

4. Provide practical yoga skills that can transfer to other aspect of the child’s life.

5. Have fun and promote a lifelong love of yoga!

Yoga Skills

1. Ability to focus.

2. Ability to be still.

3. Increase ability to hold poses for longer.

4. Encourage proper posture and body positioning.

5. Ability to regulate breathing in all situations.

Contact Us

Kids Yoga with Kara is based in San Diego and provides kids and family classes.

Tel: (847) 275-9267
Email: kidsyogawithkara@gmail.com

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