During our summer Yoga & Art Camp we created a “calm down” box! It was so much fun to put everything together and make something that helps them relax when they feel frustrated, upset, sad, or when they just need a break!


What to include:


Find a box to fit all your items and decorate it! Decorating the items that make up the “calm down” box make it even more special.


The bubbles are a great way to practice breathing and self control. For the first round, your child can blow bubbles and pop, touch, and catch the bubbles.  Then during the second round, you can practice using self-control.  Bubbles will be everywhere, but your child has to try self-control strategies and not touch or chase the bubbles.


Stress Ball

Create a stress ball together using a balloon, funnel, and flour (or kinetic sand). Have fun making the stress ball together and drawing different expressions that represent their feelings.


Relaxation Cards

Print out squares with different ideas of ways to relax! For example, listen to music, read a book, think of a special place, breathe deeply, go for a run, draw a picture, or ask for a hug! Tie them together with a string!

Lavender Eye Pillow

Create a lavender eye pillow with a large crew sock, rice, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, and fabric markers to decorate. You can use your eye pillow


Glitter Jar

A “calm down” jar is a great way to introduce mindfulness to kids. You can shake your glitter jar and notice all the feelings and worries you may have. As the glitter settles, you can breathe and notice your worries settle down and can go away. You can also add extra glitter or objects in your jar for more fun!

Calming Bell


At our camp we made mini tingsha bells out of snapple caps. You can also use a calming song that you really love.

Stuffed Animal


Pick one of your favorite stuffed animals and put it near your “calm down” box to comfort you in times when you need it.


Find a quiet and special place to put your “calm down” box so that your child can use it when you need to feel relaxed!

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