Lion’s breathing is an all time favorite breathing exercise for most of my little yogis. It’s fun and more importantly, it’s beneficial to our health! Lion’s pose is a fun, playful way to release and relax into more peaceful feelings.



Lion’s breath is a fantastic exercise to release tension and stress. It stretches the mouth, jaw, tongue, eyes, and hands-all common areas where tension can be found.


Begin by kneeling on the floor, sitting upright. Hands should be relaxed on your lap. Inhale through your nose. Open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out and exhale strongly while making a “Haaaa” sound. Notice how you feel after practicing Lion’s Breath.


Practice first thing in the morning to stimulate your day.  Wake up your body with Lion’s Breath. Practice at the end of each day to let go of unwanted thoughts or feelings. Use when strong feelings come up that want to be released. Use any time you would like to stimulate the body energetically, activating a more alert state. – See more at:

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